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        The Wall in progress.

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August 30,2015

On August 30,2015, board members of the OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial Foundation went to Jason Jones’s studio to review the stones and progress of the memorial. As you will see from the photos, the stones are complete except for a few touch up items. Those items include finishing the plaques, placing the plaques, adding finish polish on the column, and the last bit of edging on the stones. The Board feels we are in a comfortable spot to go ahead with the construction phase of the memorial. We have been working with Department of Administrative Services and Oregon Park Department on contracts and last minutes items to start construction. We will be meeting with White Oak shortly to obtain a timeline. Once the project is complete, we will set a dedication date that provides everyone time to make arrangements to be at the ceremony. 


As many of you know, the Oregon State Police Headquarters will be moving from the Public Service building in May/June of 2016. The OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial Foundation has received many inquiries about the location of the memorial. The Board has reviewed the current location of the memorial (Capitol Mall Park) versus the new GHQ headquarters with current OSP members, family members, and donors. The decision was made to keep the memorial at its proposed location for several reasons. First, many family members wanted to have a memorial where visitors would see the memorial and have exposure to the sacrifice our fallen have given to the citizens of Oregon. The Capitol Mall receives millions of visitors a year and our fallen will not be forgotten. Second, our memorial is meant to be an educational piece for citizens, family, and police officers and we hope to eventually combine the memorial with a kiosk telling visitors of our history and dedication to Oregon. Finally, the current location is where we have been “selling” our vision to our donors and the board feels responsible to fulfill the promises made in regards to the memorial project.


The OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial Foundation will continue after the memorial is complete. We will continue to have the annual auction (Fall), letter campaign (Winter), and run (Spring). Those funds will be used for maintenance of the memorial and education for Troopers to hopefully reduce in the line of duty deaths. Our next auction is scheduled for October 17th at the Milwaukie Elks Lodge. Please email us at for tickets or purchase on our website at

July1, 2014


Dear OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial Supporter,

The Oregon State Police Fallen Trooper Memorial Board of Directors wanted to give you an update on the progress of the Memorial Wall.  In a letter dated March 17, 2014, we reported that the Memorial Wall project was approximately 70% complete and we expected it to be completed in time for the dedication ceremony on August 1, 2014.  Unfortunately, the Board regrets to inform you that the dedication ceremony will be delayed a few months.The Board is extremely disheartened with the prospect of not dedicating the Memorial on August 1st. Our consultant has told us that the work completed thus far on the wall is of high quality and even remarkable!  We know we have a quality product! This news is very encouraging and confirms the efforts of the Board, your financial support, our volunteers, and everyone who has contributed to the project.

The sculptor (Jason Jones) has invited all Memorial supporters to a special event at his studio on August 1, 2014.  We are well on our way to having a lasting tribute! The event will showcase the Memorial and give everyone a chance to see the actual progress of the wall! We will be providing more information on the event at Jason Jones’ studio very soon.

The primary reason for the delay is to ensure the integrity, quality and craftsmanship of the Memorial.  We want it to be a lasting tribute to the Oregon State Police officers who chose a life of loyalty, honor and courage and whodefend Oregon’s laws and the rights of its citizens. Thirty-three Oregon State Police officers have paid the ultimate sacrifice to maintain those standards. That is why we remain committed to building a quality and lasting monument to our fallen Oregon State Police brothers and sister.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.



Cari Boyd, OSP Sergeant
Acting President, OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial

March 1, 2014

Dear OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial Supporter,

The Oregon State Police Fallen Trooper Memorial Board of Directors wanted to give you an update on the progress of the memorial wall.  Significant progress has been made in the fabrication of the memorial; the plaques, map of Oregon, benches, and stone pillar have been completed.  The artist in charge of hand-crafting the memorial is now focused on completing the actual wall and is approximately 70% done.  What this means is the memorial wall is on schedule to be completed and dedicated on August 1, 2014!

Although the road to get to this point has been long and eventful, the members and volunteers of the Oregon State Police Fallen Trooper Memorial are just as eager and passionate about the project as the day it began.  One of the reasons for this enthusiasm is the support and commitment we have seen from retired members, current members, and the community at-large.  Another reason is our work is not done!  Although the physical memorial wall will be dedicated on August 1, 2014, the Board is looking at several projects and programs to ensure the sacrifice of the 33 fallen troopers is not just a memory, but is a living legacy.  These exciting projects and programs should be announced within the next year. 

The Board is excited to continue the important and excellent work of ensuring that the sacrifice of the fallen will not only be honored throughout Oregon, but will be a guiding light for future generations of law enforcement.  However, to make these dreams a reality, we need your continued support and financial contributions.  We are a grass root organization that is comprised of volunteers; this means 98% of the funds we raise goes directly toward the completion of our projects (i.e. the memorial wall).  You can rest assured that your contribution is being put to good use.  In addition, as a 501(c)(3) organization, any amount you donate is tax deductible. 

As a current member of the Oregon State Police and the Oregon State Police Fallen Trooper Memorial, I respectfully request your continued support and consideration for a financial gift.  Please feel free to contact me personally to discuss this request, learn more about theorganization, discuss the dedication ceremony for the memorial wall, or ask any other question you may have. 

July 29, 2013 – Salem, Or.

The Fallen Trooper Memorial Board has decided to delay the dedication ceremony for the Oregon State Police Fallen Trooper Memorial. This is to allow for certainty in precision and quality during the final stages of fabrication. The first and only memorial dedicated solely to fallen Oregon State Police troopers had been scheduled to be dedicated on September 21, 2013 in the Capitol Mall State Park. The Board has selected Friday August 1, 2014 as the new date for the first dedication of the new memorial.

"The final phase of sculpting the memorial wall is taking longer than anticipated and we don't want to rush and make any errors that could impact the hard work and investments gained thus far," said Greg Willeford, President of the Memorial.

Jason Jones, a local artist from Portland, Oregon, harvested eight boulders of basalt rock, weighing between 10-25,000 pounds each, in Madras, Oregon during the summer of 2012. Each of these boulders is being hand cut and sculpted to form what will eventually become the memorial wall. The cutting and sculpting of the rock began during summer 2012 and is nearing completion. However, as each rock takes closer shape to the finished wall, the precision necessary for the intricate details has increased.

  To see other upcoming fundraising events or to check on the progress of the memorial wall, please visit us at or



Cari Boyd, OSP Sergeant
Acting President, OSP Fallen Trooper Memorial

Greg Willeford, President
Oregon State Police Fallen Trooper Memorial

If you wish to learn more about how you can support the work of the Memorial, please contact the following Board members:

Gregory Willeford, President


Cari Boyd, Vice President


Chris Shinnerer, Treasurer


Eric Gemmil, Secretary


Doug Ladd, Honor Guard Rep.


Terry Crawford, Retiree Rep.



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